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Jacques Lœuille is a french author and film director born in 1983.  


He is a graduate of Fine Arts Schools and of Le Fresnoy-National Studio of Contemporary Arts in 2010.            


Subsequently, he has directed films (‘An American Stroll in Flanders’, ‘An Optimist In Andalusia,’ ‘Le journal de Théodore Kracklite', .’45 Magnum’, etc.) aired in art galleries, art exhibitions, art centres, museums as well as festivals in France and abroad. 


In parallel, he has directed portraits of artists for television: ‘Marguerite Yourcenar, Alchimie du paysage’ (2014, 52 min, France Televisions) ; Rubens, peindre l’Europe  (2017, 52 min, France Televisions) ; ’Kupka, pioneer of abstract art’ (2017, 52 min, Arte TV) — Award for the Best Feature Documentary Screenplay at the ANSFF Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2018.


In 2018, ’La peseuse d’Or' (20 min, 2017) is Award for Best Short Film at the Figueira Film Festival, Portugal. And ‘An Optimist in Andalusia’  (40 min, 2014) participates in the 62nd Salon de Montrouge for the promotion of young contemporary artists before being acquired by the contemporary art collection of Neuflize OBC.


Jacques Lœuille juste finished a documentary on the dumping of chemical weapons in the North Sea ‘Menaces en Mer du Nord’ for french and belgian televisions networks (France télévisions, Public Sénat and RTBF), and he is working on first feature-length documentary for a theatrical release ‘The Birds of America’  (the script is a winner of the Louis Lumière prize, Villa Medicis hors-les-murs).


Jacques Loeuille is the laureate of the COAL 2018 prize (awarded by the European Union, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of the Environment, the François Sommer Foundation and the Imagine 2020 network.)

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